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We are in the process of creating the world's first video based online course teaching Flash games design and development.

The course will take you through the entire games development process, step by step, and each module includes a case study game which teaches you that module’s core subject.

Each module also includes the source code to the case study games, so you can modify them and quickly create unique games of your own.

We’re still finalising the course material, and we want to know what YOU would like to see in this course! (For more details on the course format, or if you don't want to take part in the survey, check out the Flash Games Classroom Blog)

If you can answer the very short survey below to help ensure we make the course just right, we’ll send you a promo code allowing you a huge discount when the course goes on sale in a few weeks time, plus we’ll send you a bunch of FREE lessons, AND put you on our early notification list to make sure you’re the first to know when the course is available.

1. Tell us the ONE SINGLE THING you would most like to see in a course like this? (Be as detailed as you like!)

2. What style(s) of game would most like to learn how to create?

Arcade Games
Puzzle Games
Card Games
Word Games
Sports Games
Adventure Games
Other (Please specify)

3. Do you have any previous experience with Flash, or programming? (Don’t worry - the course will teach everything from the ground up and no previous experience will be needed!)

I've never seen Flash, or done any programming
I've done a little programming in the past, but never used Flash
I've never done any programming, but I've done a little Flash
I'm a competant programmer
I'm a competant Flash designer

4. What price would you be willing to pay for a 16 module course, delivered weekly, which teaches you how to design and create games, and how to promote them on the Internet, including how to make money from your own games and turn your hobby into a business?

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5. What would you hope to achieve by taking this course?

Do you have any other questions/comments/suggestions - We want to know what you’re thinking, so please add any extra information right here…

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